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Encounter Christ and follow him with others today.

We provide access to diocese-recommended training to help you and your team follow Christ and track your progress.

Catechist Formation

  • Earn your Certified Catechist certificate.
  • Designed for those who teach the Catholic faith to children and adults in schools and parishes.
  • For catechists in the Diocese of Little Rock.
  • Fully online.
  • Videos and questions for group discussion.
  • Renew your Certificate annually.

The Faith Formation Office of the Diocese of Little Rock

We will help you find training that is right for you. You can receive certificates of completion and form groups to learn together.

Come and see

Are you searching for meaning and purpose in life? Could following Jesus be the way to peace for you? Jesus said, "Come and see."

Follow me

Are you growing in your relationship with Christ? Do you want to learn more of what it means to be his disciple? Jesus said, "Follow me."


Are you impelled by love to develop your spiritual gifts and share Christ with others? Jesus said, "Go and make disciples."

Certificates of Completion

For each course you complete, you will receive a certificate made especially for you.  We will keep it on record so you can build your list of completed diocese-approved trainings.

Diocese Approved Training

Choose from a list of training opportunities that are reviewed and approved by the Faith Formation Office of the Diocese of Little Rock for your advancement in knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith.

Community Aspect

Every course has two or more people  taking the course together.  You will be guided by a leader who will accompany you through the course. Priests can form teams of parishioners. Catholic school principals can form teams of teachers. Parish Directors of Faith Formation can form teams of Catechists.  Individuals can form small groups and choose a leader.  If you’d like, we will match you up with a diocese-approved leader to accompany you on your course.  However you do it, you will always be accompanied by others.

Live in-person. Livestreamed.

Courses are offered in all formats.  Attend live training on-site or participate via livestream.  Watch pre-recorded courses and read assignments on your own time.  Every course has a community aspect.  Even courses you take online “on your own” will have a diocese-approved leader to stay in touch with you along the way.